Square Tipper

Square Tipper

The “QUADRA” model continues the tradition of square section load bodies, which are available in 16, 17 and 18 cubic metre capacity with differing thickness depending on the intended use. This product has seen continuous evolution as a result of suggestions based on the experience from our customers.

Materials and hydraulic system

In this case too, we have moved on to the use of wear-resistant HB 400 or 450 materials with ironworks certificates and all other structural components made from Fe510 steel.

Only the highest quality components are used for the hydraulic system; the capacity of the 116 litre self-compensating pump, the special flanging on the 250 litres distributor directly to the reservoir through an immersed filter and the use of a 5-stage piston provide excellent load raising and lowering times. Operating pressures of below 140 bar ensure all components will have a long lifespan.

The "Dumper Roccia"

Our “DUMPER ROCCIA” with its square body has withstood years of tests in the most demanding conditions.

Various details have made this dumper the point of reference in its category such as the seamless welding, structural strengthening especially at most stressed area the rear and the special design of the cab protection board which allow the curtain to be pulled back fully thus leaving the box structure completely free for loading.

This version can also be fitted with a concealed hydraulic tail lift with remote control over raising the body on to the platform.

The Insulated Model

The box can be insulated with steel panels and insulating material made up of inorganic granular mineral, chemically inert, incombustible.

The insulating material is composed of silica, aluminum oxide, iron oxide, potassium oxide and magnesium oxide, with melting temperatures 1200/1300 C ° and maximum working temperature of 800 C, rot-proof, non-degradable over time and not containing asbestos.

Painting cycles

All structural parts undergo an automated turbine shot-blasting process before they are painted. Since the start of 2007, we have been using cycles of water-based paint and dual component products of the very highest quality, which fully comply with the latest anti-pollution standards.


Standard accessories

The equipment is supplied as standard with a stainless steel drawer, sheet metal mudguards, light alloy paracyclist side bars, position lights and retro-reflective strips.

Accessories on request

There are also a series of accessories including the mechanically or electrically operated cover sheet, the extension for unloading into the paver, the rear "flag" opening with ground control, the rear spring bar with two positions of height approved MCTC that allow to complete at best the preparation.

Square Tipper

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  • Technical features

  • Cubage: from 12 to 24 m2
  • Wear-resistant steels in category HB450
  • Self-compensated 116 lt pump. Front cylinder with 5 extensions
  • Utilizzo Principale