Founded in 1952 in Borgomanero by Cav. Piero Pastore, Carrozzeria Pastore covers over half a century of qualitative evolution and experience in the preparation of industrial vehicles.
Since the beginning of the production of fittings, limited in principle to repairs in general, the production has expanded over the years to many other types of transport vehicles, enriching itself with valuable construction experiences and its own important technology.

Our evolution over time

Since the start of the production of set-ups, limited in principle to repairs in general, the production has expanded over the years to various types of products ensuring constant growth of the business. | Click on the date you are interested in to find out more.


Sandblasted Installation Warehouse

The company has built a warehouse dedicated to installations that have just finished the sandblasting cycle so as to prevent the material from deteriorating before being subjected to the painting cycle.


Automated vertical Warehouse

Our vertical warehouse designed for the storage and handling of sheet metal products. Connected to the company's IT system, it allows us to keep our stocks up to date and guarantee compliance with production times.

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Photovoltaic System

In 2010 a 400 kw photovoltaic system was installed. Annual CO2 savings 360000 kg / year.

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Automated Welding System

An automatic welding system is installed by means of robots so that the fittings have continuous and non-intermittent welding ensuring greater resistance and a higher quality standard.

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Shot Blasting System

In 2004 an automated shot blasting system was built to guarantee the products the highest possible quality standards on the market.

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Office Renovation

Year in which an import investment is made: the offices are completely renovated and expanded to accommodate the new corporate structures.

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New light tipper department

A new production department is built to host the production of our light range products.

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New Offices

Year in which new larger offices are built: the company structure is expanding and must host new functions.

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New Industrial Painting System

An Industyrial painting system is built to accommodate the growing number of orders. The building was also equipped with two large industrial furnaces.

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New Offices

AYear in which new offices are built: the company begins to structure itself also from a commercial point of view

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Industrial Shed extension

Production expanded and a new industrial shed was built.

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1958 Installation of the first industrial machinery

Year in which the first machines for bending and cutting sheet metal are installed.

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